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Price £ 75.00
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1-2£ 75.00
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1-2 bulk bags £ 75.00
3-6 bulk bags £ 65.00
7-10 bulk bags £ 60.00






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Premium Topsoil

Guarantee your plants get the best start with our Premium Topsoil

Prices from only £60.00 inc VAT!

Premium Topsoil (screened to 10mm)

This is our highest grade of topsoil with added compost, which gives structure and stability to the medium as well as ensuring all major plant nutrients are provided during the first growing season making a great base for flower beds, vegetable gardens. This is screened to 10mm so will have minimal stones; it is a fine and friable organic-rich sandy loam soil, full of essential plant nutrients. Weed free, and the pH is slightly alkaline (pH 8.1) and suitable for general landscaping purposes. The topsoil complies with the industry standard BS3882 and CLEA limits on heavy metals.

Our Topsoil is delivered in bulk bags. The bags are approx. 0.70 of a cubic metre, or for larger loads of 13m3+ we can deliver loose.

*We do not recommend placing topsoil deeper than 300mm in most situations, and only to a maximum of 400mm in certain situations.

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