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Price £ 55.00
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1-2£ 55.00
3-6£ 45.00
+ 6£ 40.00

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1-2 bulk bags £ 55.00
3-6 bulk bags £ 45.00
7-10 bulk bags £ 40.00






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Mushroom Compost

Get your garden planting off to a fabulous start with our bulk bags of mushroom compost.

Prices start at £40.00 per bag inc VAT!

Our organic compost is rich in helpful bacteria and nutrients to quickly add fibre to your soil. Mix into the surface of your soil to help create the right conditions for your plants.

Mushroom compost is best applied around early spring (annually) before planting so the growing plants can make the most of its properties. However, mushroom compost slightly increases the pH of soil, so is not suitable for ericaceous plants (such as camellias and azaleas)

Some of the key benefits of mushroom compost:

  • Improves Drainage
  • An excellent soil conditioner, especially on heavy clay soil
  • Creates a better soil texture for your plants and vegetables
  • Improves oxygen diffusion and water-holding capacity (encouraging root growth)
  • With a slow-release, fertilising effect, it contains most of the major and minor nutrients and works well both as a mulch and dug into the soil

Mushroom Compost is ideal for:

  • Beds and borders
  • Vegetable patches and allotments
  • Orchard areas and fruit growing beds

Bulk bags measure 90 x 90 x 90cm

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